Grethe Tangen Olsen

How a Scandinavian grandmother is leaving a permanent footprint in the sands of Israel. Grethe Tangen Olsen has been interviewed by Jerusalem Post. The article was published in the magazine January 24, 2020.

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Commemoration of Birgitta Nilsson 16. October 2019 in Negev

It was a great commemoration of the loss of Birgitta Nilsson 16. October 2019. She was shot and died on the street of Stockholm, Sweden 14th of November last year. 

Thank you to everyone who participated. 


Lovely song by Theresa Hansen from the olive-grove at Exodus Norths guesthouse I Ashalim, Etrog Street 52.

Eran Doran, Ashalim

Mayor of Ramat HaNegev, Eran Doron stressed in his speech the good cooperation the municipality has with Exodus Nord. 

A memory-stone for Birgitta was set up in the olive-grove. Birgitta was surrounding by israeli flags, held a microphone and was talking truth about Israel when she was shot. She had permission to do that by the police. She was a member of Exodus Norths board for several years.

  • Grethe Tangen Olsen, minnestund Ashalim

Speech by manager of Exodus Nord, Grethe Tangen Olsen and beautiful song by singer Marianne Juvik Sæbø.

Are the real Philistines Semites! In no way

Let's take a deep dive into the world's most honest history book, the Bible.
We begin in 1 Chronicles, Chapter 1. It says in verse 8, "The sons of Ham were Cush,
Misraim, Put and Canaan ». In verses 11-12 it says that Misraim was, interalia, the ancestor of the people "The Kasluhites from which the
Philistines originated". So: The Philistines are descended from Ham. The Kasluhites are also referred to in the Bible as the Crete people (and the island of Crete is named after them). 

Please read the full article: Are the real Philistines Semites?

Exodus Nord - an important contributor to building the Negev Desert 

Exodus Nord has supported Negev municipaly with building of new infrastructure for parts of residential area to the new city Sheizaf in Israel. With help of Norwegian volunteer donors we have contributed with over NOK 1,4 million to the Project.

Sheizaf is located south of Beer Sheva, about 5 minutes drive by car from Exodus Nord guesthouse in Ashalim.

Exodus Nord thanks all donors and partners. May God bless you.

Please helping Israel to develop desert. Pray for the country.

Grethe Tangen Olsen (to the left) together with the well-known politician Benny Begin and his wife. Begin is son of the earlier prime minister Menachem Begin. The subject was about the Israeli legal right to the country.

About Exodus Nord

  • Humanitarian organization.
  • Helps Jewish immigrants to Israel.
  • Help immigrants in Israel, poor and disabled.
  • Give information about the situation for Jews in other countries.
  • Cooperation with Negev municipality about building of houses, infrastructure and school.
  • Husprojects
  • Teaching the Jewish holidays.

Boycott of goods from the Jordan Valley

Grethe Tangen Olsen is upset and she has written a letter to the City Councils and the mayors in five Norwegian cities. Please read her letter: LettertotheCityCouncilsandthemayors

Emigration from Ukranie

 Familien Farbman

The family Farbman has traveled from Ukranie to Israel with support from Exodus Nord.

They have now started a new life in Israel.
Exodus Nord has for more than 12 years cooperate with the organization People Who Care in Ukraine, and together we have helped several hundred Jews with money to passports, visas, medications and otherwise needed.

They are very grateful for our support.

Please give a gift for Israel to Exodus Nord:

IBAN NO26 7878 0565 135

Thank you in advance!

Immigration to Israel, international conference in Jerusalem

Manager Grethe Tangen Olsen speech below the Aliyah Conference in October 2018.

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Guesthouse in Israel

Exodus Nord manage a guesthouse with Norwegian operation in Ashalim in the Negev. Take train or bus to Beer Sheva and bus further to Ashalim.The train from Ben Gurion airport takes one and a half hour to Beer Sheva, and the bus about half hour to Ashalim. Private bathroom for bedrooms. WIFI. Garden and roof terrace.Price: ILS 200 per person per night included breakfast.

Welcome to visit us as a turist or volunteer.

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