• Exodus Nord is a non political and non profit humanitarian organization since 1994.
  • Efforts are running using the collected money.

Exodus Nords work:

  • Hjelp Jewish immigrants to Israel. Specially Jews in Ukraine is helped through our cooperation with the organization People Who Care and Jewish Agency.
  • Hjelp with humanitary work in Israel. Support a congregation in Ashdod with their work on the distribution of food and clothing to the poor people.
  • Hjelp Jews with the establishment phase of houses. Exodus Nord has build nine houses in Negev and has helped with building of ten other houses.
  • Give informaiton about Israel, Jewish culture and the Jewish situation.

Please contact us if you want to visit Exodus Nords guesthouse, support us with donations or want information about our work.

Daglig leder for Exodus Nord og redaktør for informasjonsavisen: Grethe Tangen Olsen Takk for ditt bidrag! Gud velsigne deg!

Manager for Exodus Nord and editor for our newsletters Grethe Tangen Olsen

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