Exodus Nord has since 1994 helped a lot of Jews to Israel; the first 10 years using buses/cars accociated with the Israeli State organization Jewish Agency, Jewish communities or Messianic contragations. We had at most 17 vehicles who transported Jews from airports in Russia.

Exodus Nord has through its long-standing coopeation with the organization "People Who Care" helped several thousand of Ukrainian Jews to Israel. War causes severe need for help. The situation for Jews in Ukraine today are very uncertain and difficult. The Jews are queuing for help to get out of the country.

One of the family we have

helped from Ukraine to Israel.

Collaboration with the county council in the Negev municipality goes mainly to assistance for immigrants there. This is one of the houses now built for immigrants in kibbutz Sde Bokr. Exodus North is funding homes. Each houses costs ILS 250.000 (appoximately NOK 550.000) We also help the poor in other ways: disabled ant their families, in help to work separate housing accomodation or assist them to be self-sufficient by growing crops or other income-generating work. 

Exodus Nord is supporting a humanitarian help center i Ashdod.